Website Design

Static Website

Static Websites is a one of the basic type of website and is cost effective, beneficial for those people who like to show their presence on web and share basic information at low costs. People who have small business can uses there static website as their brochure.
Linking India Pvt Offers to Design and Develop static website only at rupees 2999.

Benefits Of Static Website

  • Cost Effective

Limitation Of Static Website

  • Used for representative purpose only
  • Doesn’t Change Often
  • Create Problem In Viewing different devices (Desktop, Tablet, Phone)
  • More expensive to maintain
Dynamic Website

Dynamic Website is more beneficial than the Static Website to its owner. Used by the all type of organization. With a Dynamic Website user can manage content of the website which brings more clients.

Benefits Of Dynamic Website

  • Can be used for all purpose
  • Provide ability to change
  • Easily visible to all devices
  • Lesser expensive than static website
  • Website contributors needs less technical knowledge
  • User can archive past material

Limitations Of Dynamic Website

  • For small organization it might be little expensive
  • Takes few more time than the static website development
  • Cost client to provide training on content management system
Responsive Website

Responsive Website, Designed from Linking India give good look to the web page and ability to access site on devices like Desktop, Mobile Phone, Tab according to their screen size. In present scenario the responsive website has become very valuable to grow business as peoples are accessing their query by using devices mainly like Tab and Mobile Phones. In short Responsive Website is a future of modern website design.

Benefits Of Responsive Website

  • Eye Catching
  • Easily Visible on All Device
  • Tends users to stay on site for long time.
Website Designing Type In Which Linking India is Involve

Fixed design
It is sure that you have heard few terms like responsive design, liquid or fixed design from web designer and tech heads. What does all these terms mean? Why these terms are regularly being heard by you?

Fixed web page designing has a defined width and length that do not get changed when browsers were resized, without considering the device on which the website is being viewed. Small devices like tablets, smartphone or other, it become harder to view the content of the web page. User have to scroll horizontally and vertically to go through complete content of the page, which annoy them. Linking India and its designing known how to work with fixed design.

Liquid or Fluid design
Linking India’s Web Designing team know the importance of Fluidity of webpage so, they put extra effort in designing. Liquid or Fluid design give ability to the webpage to adjust with browser when it get resized, hence the term liquid come in existence. Every content of the webpage becomes enlarge when the page is zoom and reduce as it get zoom out.

Responsive Design
This is the new approach in Web Designing after Fixed and Liquid designing. In this designing website viewing becomes easier by displaying it on different browser and device in manner full way. Any website which are responsive, navigation and readability become easy for the user and they continue for long time which results in business growth. Linking India’s Web Designing team are experienced and highly qualified in performing such activity.

Website which have responsive designing attract more than 70% of client in comparison to their competitor.

Illustrative Web Design
All the team of Linking India regularly update their existing technical knowledge for providing better result in their project. Web designing team also does same for providing eye catching website. As we known illustration is incredibly a versatile tool that is being used in designing purpose in different way. For providing a different look to website using illustration the team of web designing is always ready.

Minimalist Web Design
In some of the website you may notice pic that has no back ground or have no non-essential forms, features and concepts. Such designing are considering as Minimalist Web Designing. In Web designing, minimalism is very important it erase potential distractions and present the element into most basic form.

Typography Web Design
As we all know, First impression is the last impressions. We don’t know you know about Typography or not but it is really an important advancement in web designing. By the use of Typographic design one can create different experience to the user before they have clicked button or read a text. Linking India’s Web Designing team think over such topic in deep to provide best result to the client. Typography has ability to go beyond the told story. This type of designing explain complete story of the website and the people behind it. In common word this type of designing response similar as voice does.

In a very few days Typography Web Design has become core design, can really make or break a website design. Instead of advancement in web type technology Linking India’s Web Designing Team is fairly in creating creative typography layouts. Image replacement technique is still very common but these dayswe are choosing massive fonts for our design.

Single Page Web Design
Designing single page site is not a new trend. It is supposed that it’s more practical and effective than other. Like other single page site has advantage and shortcomings, but over glove everyday thousand of new website are being created human attention.

All we know that single page web design isn’t fit for every purpose. But at this place you don’t have to worry, we ( Linking India ) firstly refine your need and present single page site in a manner full way.

Flat Web Design
Flat Web Design is a one of the approach of minimalistic design that emphasizes usability. In this type of designing include crisp edges, open space, clean, bright colors and two dimensional / flat illustrations.

This designing was firstly introduce by the Microsoft and further continues by other companies and organization. Web Designing team of Linking India is well known from this designing and have created number design on this basis.

Flash Web Design
Flash is really a stunning program that is being used in Website Designing now a day. By the use of Flash one can give impressive look to website. Use of Flash designing has brought break down on traditional Power Point templates. Now a day people are recommending use of flash in their website to show rich present concept via different ways.

You have to only share your concept with Linking India’s web designing team, they will turn them in reality by using Flash Web Designing.

Website Designing Tool Used In Linking India

There are number of tools which are being used in Linking India for better UX and UI designing.

UX Design
UX design stands for User Experience Design also called as UXD or UED. It is one of the processes used to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by enhancing the usability, way to use and pleasure provided to the customer while interacting with product.

UI Design
UI stands for User Interface, plating content of the web page in a beautiful manner for client attraction called as UI Designing. It is next step after UX designing. In Short UX makes interface useful where as UI makes interface beautiful.

Web Designing team of Linking India uses step by step method in designing and developing website all the time.

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